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I am an Intellectual Property Specialist delivering solutions and results for Screenwriters.

I collaborate with "Above-The-Line" Cast/Teams to create production-ready scripts.

I help Actors realize their potential through teaching screenplay comprehension.

"To make a great film, you need 3 things:

a great script,

a great script,

and a great script."

- Alfred Hitchcock



5.september.2016 update
What a great year so far! Working with some dynamic people, lots of exciting projects, including CHECKMATE - "VESUVIOUS BAY" - "FRENCHIE MCBEAN: TRAVELERS' GUIDE TO GHOSTLY PLACES" and more. I have a starring role "SAY, KNOCK KNOCK" this fall, so I'm excited about that! And watch for out slate of productions through SUREWEST PICTURES with partner Johan Wester!

Hi, friend!


Welcome to my site. I'm always updating things here with valuable tips to help you unlock your imagination and achieve the very best screenplay possible. Stop by often.

J.  edward  Schur