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I am an Intellectual Property Specialist delivering solutions and results for Filmmakers.

I collaborate with "Above-The-Line" Cast/Teams to create production-ready scripts.

I'm also an Actor, Director and Producer in both Feature Film and Television.

"To make a great film, you need 3 things:

a great script,

a great script,

and a great script."

- Alfred Hitchcock



29.november.2016 update
2017 is shaping up to be an incredible year! I'm slated to Direct, Produce and Star in some exciting projects, including the Feature Films: "THE CHARTER" - "TEN MEN IN A TENT" and  "WHAT GUYS WILL DO" along with developing the Television Series "SCOTT'S LAND""FRENCHIE MCBEAN: TRAVELERS' GUIDE TO GHOSTLY PLACES"  and more. I also have a starring role in the Feature Film that I'm Directing and Producing "SAY, KNOCK KNOCK" so I'm excited about that!

Hi, friend!


Welcome to my site. I'm always Looking to collaborate on feature film and television productions where i can bring a lifetime of writing experience to the project. Drop me an email and let's talk!

J.  edward  Schur

screenwriter  |  script doctor  |  actor  |  director  |  producer